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Lokta L20N, 90gr, 50x65εκ.

Καλλιτεχνικό χαρτί φτιαγμένο από την εσωτερική φλούδο από το φυτό Lokta. H πηγή είναι πάνω από 3000μ στα βουνά της Himalaya και ανανεώνονται μετά την συγκομοδή τους. Για μελάνι, καλλιγραφία και τύπωμα.


Artists’ handmade paper made from the inner bark or bast fibre of lokta. Lokta is darker toned and has a harder surface than mitsumata. It is a native plant of the Himalayan foothills found above 3000 metres. Lokta is a sustainable and renewable resource. Plants are cropped above ground level and can be reharvested after 3-4 years. The papers are made using the traditional Nepalese floating mould method in which the pulp is poured onto the paper frame. The paper is sun dried on the frame.
For drawing in ink, calligraphy, printmaking.


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